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Coombe Wood LTC

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Court priorities

Court availability is rarely a problem at Coombe Wood, but there are times when courts are reserved for specific purposes and rules are needed to ensure fair play at busier times.  Please see the court priorities document for more detail. A copy of this document is also available on the club noticeboard. Some general rules are summarised below.


Singles / doubles

Doubles play takes priority over singles at all times except for Summer tournament matches and Tuesdays and Fridays between 6pm and 8pm when singles and doubles have equal priority.  After 8pm singles players must give up their court at the end of the current game if asked by a waiting four.


Open play

During open play times members can arrange their own games, singles or doubles, on any available court.

You must check if other members are waiting for a court after each set (or after 30 minutes if practising) and give up the court if necessary.


Social tennis sessions

Monday:           6.30 to 10pm

Wednesday:     6.30 to 10pm

Saturday:         2 to 5pm

You should not arrange singles matches or dixed fours during social tennis, with the exception of club tournament matches.



On week days  juniors have priority on Court 4 until 7pm. On Sundays they have priority on court 4 from 1pm to 7pm.

Juniors, and adults coaching or playing with juniors, must give way to adults waiting to play after 7pm.

Juniors may play on other courts during open play times but must give way when asked by adults.


Sunday league matches

Most league matches are played on Sunday morning between 10:00 and 14:00. Some are played in the afternoon.

No more than 2 league matches can be arranged on a Sunday morning.

Team captains can decide which pair of courts to use: 2&3, 4&5, 6&7.

I court is used by the head coach and the remaining courts are available for social doubles.


Weekday matches

Friendlies, mixed league and vets matches can be scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings and occasionally during the day.